Top 10 questions to ask a consultant before you engage them – Infographic

Planning on appointing a marketing consultant to help you solve a problem or advise on your marketing transformation? Then here are ten steps you must take before you appoint anyone.

Top questions to ask a consultant

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From the infographic:

1. What is your company’s experience and expertise? Some consultants have experience in one area, but try to pass themselves off as experts in all areas.

2. What is the consultants’ background and qualifications? Otherwise you could get an account manager telling you how much you should pay for digital media or website production.

3. How recent and practical is that experience? Those that can do, those that can’t teach. And some even become consultants. The best theoretical advice is no replacement for the practical.

4. How are you remunerated and why? If you just want savings, go for the consultant that charges a percentage of savings as their incentive. If you want value, look for a fixed fee. If you want to pay a fortune, go for head hours.

5. How much do your services cost? How can you judge value for money if the consultant is not willing to provide you with an upfront cost? Request a detailed proposal including timelines and specific outcomes.

6. Do you receive any commissions, fees or kickbacks from any other party? Some consultants get paid by both clients and agencies; yet may not declare this conflict of interest.

7. On what principles does your business operate? The right advice starts with shared values and principles so ask to see the consultant’s operating principles, preferably in writing.

8. Do you have professional indemnity insurance? It is a great way to sort the pretenders from the professionals, as there are many fly-by-night operators out there.

9. What clients have you worked for? While perfectly reasonable, the amount of information they offer is a good indication of how much they will be telling others about your business.

10. Contact TrinityP3.