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Managing Marketing podcastsManaging Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants.

Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Ideal for marketers, advertisers, media and commercial communications professionals.

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Managing Marketing: What’s Wrong With RFPs?

Gary Nissim is the Managing Director of Indago Digital and the author of the guide, “How to avoid choosing the wrong digital agency in 27 steps". Gary says he’s taken the best parts (and learnt from the worst parts) of more than 500 RFPs to ...
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Managing Marketing: The Role of Diversity, Data, Degrees and Food Trends in FMCG Marketing

Katie Saunders is the GM of Marketing at Simplot Australia. Katie and David discuss her strong commercial past and how that has helped her in marketing (as well as how it could help to improve marketing degrees); the power of retailers and how food retail ...
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Managing Marketing: Call Centres for Customer Experience Insights

Paul Scott is an advisor and director at Digital Village, General Manager at Evergreen Digital and co-author of the book Beyond Agile - How to run smarter, faster and less wasteful projects. But it is his experience creating the Middle East's leading outsourced call centre ...
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Managing Marketing: Data Ethics, AI and Marketing

Jordan Taylor-Bartels is the Managing Director of Magic, an agency using predictive marketing technology to empower brands to make more efficient marketing decisions and the CEO of Conumdrm. a predictive AI platform. Jordan talks about the practical and ethical challenges facing marketers in a post-cookie ...
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Managing Marketing: Sports Marketing

Natalie Davey is the head of marketing for Cricket Australia. Prior to her current role, Natalie held senior positions with some of Australia’s most iconic brands including Holden, NAB and Origin Energy. Natalie and David talk about the nuances of successful sports marketing, the joys ...
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Linden Deathe

Managing Marketing: The (in)Equality in Australian Advertising

Linden Deathe is Senior Project Officer at Women’s Health Victoria. She shares her experience in leading the shEqual movement. Linden and Anton talk about the (in)Equality that exists in the Australian Advertising industry. They explore how to prevent and address gender inequality. Linden shares the ...
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Managing Marketing: The Art of Brand, Political and Election Advertising

Dee Madigan is the owner and Executive Creative Director of the creative advertising agency Campaign Edge. She is also an author and political and social commentator, regularly appearing on ABC’s Gruen, Channel 7’s Sunrise and many others. Dee talks about the art of political and ...
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Managing Marketing: Ten Years of Google SEO Updates

Mike Morgan is the Founder and Director of High Profile Enterprises, a company that has been improving the business results of businesses like TrinityP3 for more than a decade. Mike shares many of the Google search changes that have occurred and their impact on SEO ...
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Managing Marketing: Marketing Tourism in Tasmania During a Pandemic

Emma Terry is Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Tasmania. Having worked in Australia and international markets in a range of industries from FMCG to NGO's to professional services, Emma talks about the scenario planning she conducted to manage through the Pandemic. She talks about the ...
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Managing Marketing: The Cookie Apocalypse, Media Wastage and Independent Agencies

John Vlasakakis is the Co-Founder and Head of SEO at Next & Co, a pioneering digital performance marketing agency based out of Melbourne. John talks about the value of specialist independent agencies, the huge and complex challenges facing the digital marketing industry, the question of ...
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Managing Marketing: Innovation in the Food Delivery Industry

Simon Cheng is Chief Marketing Officer of Menulog. He talks about the big shifts in the food delivery industry, and how Menulog took on UberEats by changing strategy. He shares category insights into how Menulog is differentiating not only from UberEats, but from other players ...
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Managing Marketing: The Greening of Australian Construction

Davina Rooney is the Chief Executive Officer of the Green Building Council of Australia and shares her experience leading the transformation of the building and construction industry in delivering long term, sustainable solutions for all Australians. Davina talks about the strategy of Rate, Advocate, Educate ...
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Managing Marketing: The Impact Of Net Zero Emissions On Marketing Budgets

Christopher Sewell is the Managing Director of the Gaia Partnership, Business Director of TrinityP3 and the creator of the CO2 Counter, to measure the GHG emissions from all marketing activities from media to point of purchase. Christopher developed this measure back in 2007. But today ...
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Managing Marketing: Branding And Brand Building In A Pandemic World

Rich Curtis, CEO of FutureBrand Australia talks about what attracted him to brand strategy and branding following an earlier foray into media and advertising agencies in London and Bangkok. He shares his passion for developing brand strategies and implementations that have long term growth impacts ...
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Managing Marketing: The Changing State of the Media Market

Barry O’Brien AOM, is the Founder and Chairman of media agency Atomic 212. But he has had a long career in media on both the agency and the media owner side starting way back last century. He talks about the changes that have occurred in ...
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Managing Marketing: The Path from Trade Journalist to Global Head of Marketing

Lindsay Bennett is the Global Head of Marketing for DDB out of New York City. But six years earlier, she was a recent graduate and starting as a cadet journalist at industry trade media AdNews. Lindsay shares the path she has taken from those days ...
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Managing Marketing: Account Service, Management And Leadership

Nathan Hodges is the Managing Director of TrinityP3 in Australia and New Zealand. But before this, he had an extensive career in advertising and particularly in Account Management and Agency Management. He shares his view of the role that is often mistakenly called Account Service ...
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Managing Marketing: Media, Marketing, Trade Journalism And Mumbrella

Tim Burrowes is the founder and editor-at-large of Australia's biggest media and marketing platform Mumbrella. He is also the author of the soon to be released book, Media Unmade. Tim shares his experience launching the highly successful Mumbrella from scratch and talks about the role ...
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Managing Marketing: How Marketers Can Get More From Their Agencies

Kate Guaran is a Senior Marketer, specialising in B2C, Digital, Innovation, Strategy, Customer Experience, Leadership and Insights. She shares her view on the role of marketing from her agency and advertiser perspective and highlights the insights and lessons she has learned and used along the ...
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Managing Marketing: The Missed Opportunities For Agency Efficiency

Kylie Sandercock is an entrepreneur, accountant and now a Senior Financial Consultant at TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants. She shares her experience working with agencies and tech companies and highlights the opportunities for advertising and media agencies to improve their efficiency and productivity. Opportunities are often ...
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