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Managing Marketing podcastsManaging Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants.

Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Ideal for marketers, advertisers, media and commercial communications professionals.

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Managing Marketing: Comparing and Contrasting Two Centuries of Advertising

Tomasz Pawlikowski, past-Chair of Publicis Communications, and ex-CEO of Publicis Groupe, based in Central & Eastern Europe, is about to embark on the second chapter, Chapter 2, of his career. But first, he took the time to compare and contrast the two different centuries (20th ...
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Managing Marketing: The Impact of Extended Payment Terms On Agencies

Nick Hand, the commercially savvy, hands-on Finance Director, returns to discuss this often controversial topic of payment terms. As a CPA, with more than two decades of experience managing the finances of media, creative, PR agencies and more, he shares his experience and explains the ...
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Managing Marketing: The New Role of Transcreation

Philip Hwang is the APAC Head of Strategy and Michael Vaudrey is the APAC Head of Transcreation at SGK, a global brand experience company. They discuss the role of transcreation globally and the complex market drivers that make transcreation an increasingly important capability for brands ...
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Managing Marketing: The Marketing War Chest

Matt Farrugia is the managing partner and co-founder of The Mutiny Group, a marketing technology company that provide brands and their organisations with an AI-driven data analytics platform to analyse and inform marketing and business decisions around marketing mix modelling (MMM) and return on marketing ...
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Marketing of Christmas

Managing Marketing: Santa on the Marketing of Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! He is the Production Manager of Toys. The Strategy Planner of Distribution. And the Chief Creative Officer of Christmas. Santa Claus is coming to town. And he knows in media, marketing and advertising, who has been naughty and who has been nice ...
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Managing Marketing: Agency Independence, Retail Clients and Managing Resignations

Dan Ingall is CEO of Big Red Communications, a proudly independent and well-established advertising agency with a rich heritage of great work, particularly in the retail category. Dan and David discuss the essence of great retail advertising and retail clients, in the process debunking some ...
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Managing Marketing: Why Marketers Need Better Briefs

Joe Talcott is a speaker, a mentor and a marketer, who has held major marketing roles in many major brands. But more particularly, Joe is a champion of the importance of creativity in marketing and advertising and has a passion for providing marketers with the ...
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Managing Marketing: Why Procurement are the Marketing Good Guys

Matt Perfect is a procurement guy. But more than this, he is advocating for diverse suppliers, building social procurement capacity, and focused on doing the deals that matter. He does this through his facilitation and coaching, as a principal of Impact Spender. Unlike many in ...
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Managing Marketing: Innovation in the Advertising and PR Business

Anthony Freedman is Chairman of Havas, ANZ, Founder and CEO of One Green Bean and Founder and Chairman of HOST. Located in London, Anthony talks about his career in advertising and public relations and how his experience allowed him to embrace opportunities to innovate, not ...
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Managing Marketing: Dysfunctional Agency Finances

Nick Hand is a commercially savvy, hands-on Finance Director, a CPA and has more than two decades of experience managing the finances of media, creative, PR agencies and more. He discusses the many challenges facing agencies and their finances and takes us inside the agency ...
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Managing Marketing: The Impact of Digital Technology on Marketing

Managing Marketing: The Impact of Digital Technology on Marketing

Rebecca (Bec) Zemunik is the Managing Director of Digitas Australia and she shares the issues marketers face with not just the digital transformation of their businesses, but the important role data is increasingly playing in developing and managing the customer experience in a world where ...
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Managing Marketing: Agile Process In Marketing

Back again. This time, Paul Scott, advisor and director at Digital Village, General Manager at Evergreen Digital returns to talk about a subject he is passionate about and that is Agile. Paul co-authored with Andrew Walker, the book Beyond Agile - How to run smarter, ...
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Managing Marketing: Deploying Robots to Make Advertising

Guy Wieynk is the global CEO of the digital agency, AnalogFolk and he shares his thoughts and ideas of working in digital agencies for the past three decades including AKQA, Publicis and now AnalogFolk on the opportunities for technology to be used in a positive ...
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Managing Marketing: Revolutionising Brand Strategy With Brandvas

Jodie Catalfamo and Dave Ansett are two of the four founders of Brandvas, a technology platform that places brand strategy and all of the elements that come from this process in the hands of agencies and their clients. Brandvas is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform ...
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Managing Marketing: The Role of Men in Creating Gender Equality

Jamila Rizvi is the Chief Creative Officer for the Nine Network’s Future Women. She is also an author, presenter, political commentator and writes regularly for the Nine Newspapers. She shares the benefits gender equality delivers not just to women, but the organisations they work for, ...
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Managing Marketing: Strategy, Media, Creative and Agency Brands

Emma Montgomery is the Chief Executive Officer of Leo Burnett. She has had some major global strategic roles at TBWA in LA and Leo Burnett in Chicago and reflects on the role of strategy in agencies and marketing. Having commenced her career in media at ...
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Managing Marketing: What’s Wrong With RFPs?

Gary Nissim is the Managing Director of Indago Digital and the author of the guide, “How to avoid choosing the wrong digital agency in 27 steps". Gary says he’s taken the best parts (and learnt from the worst parts) of more than 500 RFPs to ...
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Managing Marketing: The Role of Diversity, Data, Degrees and Food Trends in FMCG Marketing

Katie Saunders is the GM of Marketing at Simplot Australia. Katie and David discuss her strong commercial past and how that has helped her in marketing (as well as how it could help to improve marketing degrees); the power of retailers and how food retail ...
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Managing Marketing: Call Centres for Customer Experience Insights

Paul Scott is an advisor and director at Digital Village, General Manager at Evergreen Digital and co-author of the book Beyond Agile - How to run smarter, faster and less wasteful projects. But it is his experience creating the Middle East's leading outsourced call centre ...
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Managing Marketing: Data Ethics, AI and Marketing

Jordan Taylor-Bartels is the Managing Director of Magic, an agency using predictive marketing technology to empower brands to make more efficient marketing decisions and the CEO of Conumdrm. a predictive AI platform. Jordan talks about the practical and ethical challenges facing marketers in a post-cookie ...
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