Agency Roster Structure & Alignment

(How to restructure your agency mix to produce a high performing team)

As your marketing strategy changes, have you changed your agency roster? Do you have the right number of agencies? And the right type of agencies? Or too many agencies? And are you and your team spending too much time simply managing the agency roster – time that could be better spent delivering marketing results? 

It is not enough simply to rationalise your roster. You need to optimise the value of your agencies by aligning their delivery to your strategy. We review your strategic needs and your current roster capabilities to deliver solutions for optimising performance.

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As the number of communications channels grows and platform complexity increases, there is a corresponding increase in the number of specialist agencies and suppliers providing services for these individual channels and platforms. This quickly leads to large and complex agency rosters. Without a strategic approach to managing the roster, the roster can become bloated with legacy appointments, duplications, misalignments and gaps. It is vital to ensure your roster is aligned in order to achieve optimal performance.


A strategic and structural alignment of your roster is important to undertake if:

  1. You have implemented a new or changed marketing strategy to ensure you have the capabilities to deliver
  2. Your team is spending significant quantities of time managing the roster and ensuring consistent performance
  3. You are looking to deliver savings not through cutting fees or projects, but by delivering greater efficiencies through a leaner roster.

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The typical reaction to an enlarged roster is to either look to consolidate or to rationalise agencies and suppliers into ‘buckets’ of capabilities. The TrinityP3 Strategic & Structure Alignment takes a qualitative and quantitative approach. First we assess your current requirements against the current structure based on spend analysis and through one-on-one interviews. Then we design multiple structural solutions to your specific and unique needs. Once the final roster structure is agreed, it becomes the master plan of the transition.


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