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Russ Mitchinson is the founder and CEO of Rebel Angel Strategy, a company offering unified brand thinking and solutions to ensure a brand's media and messaging are working effectively together. He shares his experience working as a strategist in media, creative and digital agencies, and the impact that fragmented agency rosters, briefing processes, and campaign implementation has on marketing effectiveness. Plus he shares the steps marketers need to take to improve marketing effectiveness by aligning creative messaging to the channel purpose.

Chris Cheng is the Managing Director of Jetek Asia Digital, a digital marketing company, expert in developing and implementing digital strategies in the Chinese market. Having worked with many major brands across Australia, the US, the UK, and China, Chris shares his thoughts and insights into the opportunities and the best approach for western businesses looking to maske in-roads into the Chinese market. He talks about the use of Chinese social media and social selling, and a mistake made by a past Australian Prime Minister in selling to the Australian Chinese community.

Implementing processes in marketing teams seems like the best way to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the business. But following straight processes can also diminish trust, empowerment, and culture in the business. Discover how the culture of the team can be enriched and strengthened in this blog.

James Lawrence is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Rocket, a leading Australian digital marketing agency. He is also the co-author of the best selling business book, Smarter Marketer. James shares his story from graduating as a lawyer from UTS to co-founding, with his brother David, the web building agency The Web Showroom, which transformed into Rocket in 2017. The book they wrote together is the culmination of their experience and insights across more than a decade of digital marketing for some major brands and provides 11 golden rules to help in-house marketers thrive in an everchanging digital world.

St John Craner is the Managing Director or Argraian, an indepdent agribusiness that helps rural companies win through proven, effective sales and marketing strategies. St John grew up in the farm land of Essex and started his career at McCann in the UK before finding his way to the other end of the earth. Here, his career has spanned corporate marketing, as well as agency marketing roles. But his first love is growing rural businesses. And he shares the challenges, the mistakes and the opportunities for those willing to commit to this very authentic category.

The classic agency pitch - an umbrella-term for the agency selection process, which may not always even involve a pitch. Learn more about the methodologies of selecting a new agency and how they truly differ from the 'agency pitch'.

Jude Leon is Head of Integrated Marketing at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood - charged with driving marketing to ensure that, amongst other things, national blood stocks are maintained. Jude and David discuss the importance of the organisation, brand marketing in a NFP environment, the complexity of marketing ‘blood donation’ through the funnel, the effect of COVID on blood donation, and working in purpose and passion driven environments.

Jane Burhop and James Crawley are Creative Directors and co-Founders of Common Ventures, a storytelling and digital communications company celebrating ten years in the industry. They share their experiences of starting a new agency and the lessons they have learned along the way. At the core of Common Ventures has been a philosophy of working with people who share common values (and a love of cheese) be it clients, colleagues or suppliers. Plus their desire to make a difference to their clients businesses by creating work that delivers the desired results.

Mark Ritson’s recently published ‘Recession Playbook’  was a typically no-nonsense ‘don’t lose your collective heads’ message to marketers and their organisational overlords. Aside from the strategy and execution of marketing programs during a recession, there are numerous operational dos and don’ts that, in our experience (22 years of business in both high and low economic cycles), marketers should consider as things become scary and uncertain again. We dive into them in this blog post.

Anita Zanesco returns to TrinityP3 as a Business Manager following two years of working on the agency side in new business. The experience reminded her of the many challenges and issues that agencies face in pitching and had her reflecting on the invaluable role pitch consultancy plays when managed with the best interests of the client and the agencies. She shares her experiences and observation and talks candidly about the areas where all parties in the pitch process can improve from agency to advertiser and procurement.

Anathea Ruys is CEO Australia, UM. She is also a very well-travelled professional, having worked in Asia, Australasia and the USA. Anathea talks with David about their shared international experiences and the learnings she’s brought back to Australia with her; the importance of recognising the changed world we work in; and her ambitions to raise awareness of media as a career path, and her views on the need for change in the way media agencies work from top to bottom.