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Managing Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants.

Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

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Managing Marketing: How Programmatic Can Be Used For Good
Simon Larcey is the Managing Director at Viztrade and talks with Darren on how he has developed an end-to-end solution for advertisers to access premium media publisher inventory through a self service programmatic solution. Viztrade is designed to provide visible programmatic trading for advertisers and ...
Mark Green
Managing Marketing: The Journey Building A Successful Agency In The 21st Century
Mark Green is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of The Monkeys and the Chair of the Communications Council in Australia. Here Mark shares with Darren the 12 year journey from opening the doors of the Three Drunk Monkeys until today with the successful sale to ...
Managing Marketing: What Makes A Great Marketing, Media & Advertising Event Like Mumbrella360
Damian Francis, the Head of Paid Content and the Curator for Mumbrella Events discusses some of the issues and challenges with sourcing great event content and balancing the commercial realities. He shares the philosophy of Mumbrella’s proactive approach to diversity and responds to some of ...
Managing Marketing: The Importance of Leveraging And Optimising Sponsorships
Sandra Wiles is the Head of Partnerships and Integration at The Media Store. Here Sandra discusses sponsorships as a brand and business building opportunity and the considerations and management that need to go with taking on sponsorship opportunities to leverage and maximise the value and ...
Tristan Ozinga Managing Marketing
Managing Marketing: The Role Of Technology In Improving Media Agency Productivity
Tristan Ozinga is the Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of Advvy. He discusses with Darren the transformation occurring within Media Agencies as technology such as DMP, programmatic trading desks, AI and blockchain make the business of media agency planning and buying more automated and efficient ...
Managing Marketing: The Power Of Direct Marketing In A Digital World
Peter Applebaum is the Managing Director at Tick Yes and author of the book ‘Customer Romance, How to build your brand one customer at a time’. He chats with Darren on how direct marketing principles are more relevant today in a digital world than ever ...
Managing Marketing: The State Of Agency Business Development Internationally
James Welch is a New Business Guru who has worked with and for Agencies in London, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. Here he discusses with Darren the state of New Business and Business development across the multiple markets he has experienced and gives advice on what ...
Dennis Nik Prospire
Managing Marketing: Business Strategy Alignment In Brand Building
Dennis Flad and Nikolas Guido are Directors of Prospire AG, a management consulting company based out of Zurich with a focus on product strategy and development for services companies across Europe. Here they discuss with Darren the importance of aligning business and marketing objectives, strategy ...
Managing Marketing: Getting Value From Your TV, Film And Video Productions
Clive Duncan is a Senior Production Consultant at TrinityP3 with years of experience in the film, video and television industry. Here he shares his experience in production from all aspects and discusses the process and what is required to deliver real value on to the ...
Andrew Little DDB
Managing Marketing: Specialist Versus Size and Scale When It Comes To Agencies
Andrew Little is the CEO of DDB Australia and here he discusses with Darren the changes in the Advertising landscape and the agency responses to those changes including in-housing agency services within advertiser organisations and putting media and creative back together inside the agency. He ...
Managing Marketing: The Relationship Between Strategy, Tactics And Creativity
Jon Bradshaw, Director of Brand Traction returns for his second chat with Darren, this time sharing his thoughts on the essential role of strategy in a world obsessed with short term results and tactics. Plus he reflects on the role of creativity, not just in ...
Managing Marketing: The Rights And Wrongs Of Media Agency Pitching
Greg ‘Sparrow’ Graham is the Group Marketing Director for WPP AUNZ and has been a long time new business guru for GroupM agencies in Australia and the USA. Here he chats with Darren on the media agency pitch process and where agencies and clients get ...
Managing Marketing: Data In Media, Marketing and CX Management
Steve Sinha is the Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership. Here Steve shares his views of the role and challenges of using data to inform media, marketing and customer experience management and how the hype and reality gap exists not because ...
Managing Marketing: Why Digital Marketing Has Not Lived Up To The Promise
Ilona Evans is a Senior Digital Consultant at TrinityP3 and she discusses the role of digital media and digital marketing and the issues and challenges it presents for marketers and advertisers. They look at the promise of digital marketing and share why much of the ...
Managing Marketing: The State Of Media For Independent Agencies
Virginia Hyland is founder of Hyland Media and a Board Director for the Media Federation of Australia. She talks with Darren on the state of media relationships and the role of programmatic, the rise of the small independent agency and the management consultants and the ...
Managing Marketing: Building Brands Through Better Customer Experience
Jo Gaines is the AVP Salesforce Data & Audiences & Co-VP APAC Salesforce Women's Network and moderating a CMO panel at Ad Tech Sydney in March 2019 to discuss taking customer experience to the next level. Jo shares her view on the fact the market ...
Managing Marketing: Organisational Resilience, Adaptability And Agility
Zena Churchill is the Director of Max & Buddy Marketing Experts with experience managing marketing teams and agency teams. Here Zena discusses with Darren the challenges facing organisations in adapting and responding to the complex changes within the market and they explore the opportunities provided ...
Managing Marketing: The good, the bad and the ugly of media agency pitches
Chloe Hooper is the National New Business and Marketing Director at media agency PHD. Here she shares with Darren her extensive agency perspective of best practice pitching, worst practice pitching and how pitching can be improved to deliver better outcomes for marketers and advertisers. Including ...

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Managing Marketing: Closing The Gap By Aligning Marketing To Business

Managing Marketing: Closing The Gap By Aligning Marketing To Business

Murray Howe founded Marktects, which helps align marketing with the business bottom line. From a business perspective, there is often a negative conversation about marketing, from referring to it as the colouring-in department or the black hole of the budget. Survey after survey talks of the dissatisfaction CEOs have with ...