Win International Awards – Lose the business: It happens a lot

How often does this happen?

Just read in AdNews that Orcon, NZ internet service provider, has awarded their advertising account to DraftFCB after a pitch.

This is following the highly awarded “Iggy Pop” campaign developed by The Special Group.

What does this mean?

The IPA and many other bodies have provided evidence that creative advertising equals business success.

Yet I have noticed that there are many examples of outstanding, award winning and also Effectiveness Award Winning campaigns that ultimately lead to the agency being replaced.

Please, post here examples you know of where agencies have created Award Winning Campaigns only to lose the business in the following 12 months.

I believe one of the issues is the differences in expectations between marketers and their agencies. Agencies use awards as recognition of the quality and success of their work, while marketers can often feel uncomfortable with the attention on their campaigns. It could be that the general focus on the campaign, especially in the media creates a heightened expectation of results within organisations putting pressure on the marketers to perform? Or more importantly to prove performance in tangible financial terms – SALES.

What do you think?

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One Response to Win International Awards – Lose the business: It happens a lot

  1. Katharine says:

    I have long wondered about this and have noticed this re-occurring theme.
    Creative people are judged by their ability to generate ideas that count – in a 4As agency, their livelihood depends on it and every agency today is smart enough to know that the really BIG idea is to sell more stuff, more often.
    The problem may not be fixed by firing the agency. Personally I believe the client has a responsibility to understand the IDEA behind the awarded campaign and see that it is implemented across touch points – including POS. The agency has a responsibility to clarify the idea and demonstrate it is relevant and compelling.
    The fact is that customers love ideas and prefer brands with ideas – especially brands that produce the goods.

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