Media Agency Pitch Management for the Higher Education Sector – Case study

Challenging Problem

Our client had been working with a respected agency partner in a long-term relationship. However, there was an internal requirement to stress-test the market when the pace of change in the organisation increased, which necessitated rapid evolution of media planning and buying.

TrinityP3 Solution

TrinityP3 drove a pitch project bespoke to the needs of our client. Over and above the norms of process and due diligence, we worked specifically to develop;

  • Briefing materials and assessment framework throughout the process are designed to enhance our ability to see the right agency for now and future evolution while ensuring a tight process and a reasonable set of deliverables for competing agencies.
  • The strategy regarding the incumbent agency: extensive discussion and counsel were provided in this area while retaining complete objectivity as consultants to enable the best possible client decisions regarding the involvement of the incumbent in the process.
  • Specific guidance for competing agencies regarding the importance of performance, measurement and data to the client.
  • A focus on effectiveness in agency cost and resourcing, with a requirement to improve while ensuring a mutually sustainable and competitive outcome. We worked specifically around helping our client determine the scope of works and services remuneration models, and how these items needed to evolve versus the current arrangement.


A pitch process was delivered across 14 weeks based on a tightly held project plan, including an initial search through the financial negotiation of the contract and appointment of a preferred agency. Inbuilt into this process were bespoke elements to satisfy the client’s compliance requirements.

Result and Feedback

The project delivered an agency with:

  • Strong cultural fit
  • Highly compatible range of core skills
  • Improved scope and deliverables
  • 10-15% reduction in the base cost versus the previous arrangement
  • Extended performance-related incentive framework (at-risk and upside)
  • Significantly improved transparency and ownership for the client in critical areas

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