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Agent or contractor? Who cares?

Is your agency really an agency? Or has your contract turned them into a contractor? As an agent the agency acts transparently in the best interest of their client (the principal) but it comes with some risk. Which is why many advertisers have used a contract to turn their agency into a contractor. Find out why this matters in a Golden Minute.


Son: Dad, why do you work in a media agency?
Dad: Well it my job son.
Son: But why is it called an agency?
Dad: Because son, once upon we were an agent for the media owners.
Son: But don’t you work for your clients?
Dad: Yes, then we were an agent for our clients.
Son: Like a real estate agent Dad?
Dad: Sort of. Yes we were paid a commission based on how much the client spent.
Son: How do you get paid now?
Dad: By the hour.
Son: Like a tradesman?
Dad: Well now we are not agents, our contract says we are contractors.
Son: So why do you still call it an agency?
Dad: I don’t know son. We still act like an agent but now we get paid like a contractor.
Son: Thought of becoming a consultant Dad?