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Agile marketing is not simply faster

Everyone is talking about Agile Marketing when they really mean agile ways to market. What’s the difference? One is a methodology and manifesto based on test and learn and the other is how to become more nimble and faster to market. Hear the difference here in a Golden Minute.


Is your marketing agile?
More marketers are considering adopting agile marketing practices.
The question is why?
If you think it’s because it makes your marketing process faster, then you’re wrong.
Agile marketing is not about doing what you have always done but faster.
Agile marketing is a new marketing process
It’s based on validated learning not opinions and conventions
And customer focused collaboration rather than silos and hierarchy
It’s many adaptive and iterative actions instead of Big-Bang campaigns
And customer discovery, not static prediction
It’s flexible, not rigid planning
Means you respond to change instead of simply following a plan.
So, are you ready to take on agile marketing?
If you are, then we can help you become agile.