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Are management consultancies really agencies?

While management consultants are focusing on marketing, media and advertising. Just as media, marketing and advertising agencies are focusing on offering consulting services to their clients. So what is the difference between a management consultancy and an advertising agency? Find out the answer here in a Golden Minute.


The consultants are coming! scream the headlines from the trade media.
But too late.
The management consultants are here.
They’re buying advertising agencies.
They’re recruiting agency staff. And building agency practices.
Be it digital, CRM, programmatic buying, customer experience and more.
At the same time the agencies are getting into management consulting. Setting up consulting businesses to provide consulting services to their clients.
Media agencies setting up tech consultancies.
Creative agencies setting up strategy consultancies.
Where will it end?
That depends.
The real question is how big is your budget? Isn’t it?