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About Bruno Gralpois

An award-winning executive, entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author, Bruno Gralpois is considered the world's top client/agency relationship expert by his peers in Fortune 100 companies and various leading industry organisations. He's been featured in many trade publications and media outlets for his thought-leadership and has worked for the most prestigious brands in the world. Gralpois brings extensive brand/client and agency experience as the co-founder of Agency Mania Solutions, a premier service and technology firm with headquarters in Seattle, specialising in helping large brand advertisers realise the transformational value of managed partnerships.

Client agency relationships: confessions of an ex-client

The uneasy truth about being a client and what it means to build lasting partnerships in today’s cut-throat environment.

I’d like to confess. Actually, I have multiple confessions to make. Four to be precise. No worries. This is not a remake of “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (2002), so they won’t keep you up at night.

But if you’ve ever been a client, you too would have much to say. By now, we can all agree that the client/agency relationship is no longer what it used to be. Long gone are the days of long-lasting relationships where it took a major blowup for the partnership to be at risk. Continue reading

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