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About George Pesutto

George Pesutto is Founder Director of Global Media Solutions Group Pty Ltd. He has worked in the media and advertising industry for over 26 years including senior positions with News Ltd, Fairfax and Time Inc. As GM, he headed Roy Morgan Research’s Media and Communications division before beginning to work with marketers, their agencies and media on international campaigns and niche Australian markets and in particular CALD.

Multi Market Advertising: Fish in the big pond

Buying media advertising internationally is NOT one additional market although many marketers budget and brief as if it is, that is, until they begin to field the queries and obstacles. It is in fact, many markets planned, bought and executed independently. This means independent contracts with each media supplier in each country or region. With globalisation accelerating, China still rolling along as the most popular frontier market and emerging markets almost tempting the new wave of investment, there is a growing desire and need to communicate, engage and sell to new markets. Continue reading

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