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Centralize or decentralize your marketing department?

Is your marketing function centralized or decentralized? In big organizations the truth is it is most likely distributed. You see the marketing function is more than just marketing communications, advertising and promotions. Find out if marketing is distributed throughout your organization here in a Golden Minute.


How do you structure your marketing? Is it centralized or decentralized?
The bigger the organization the more likely it’s decentralized.
Or to achieve more consistent marketing is it centralized?
But there are other marketing structures available.
In fact, today, marketing is more like to be distributed.
Distributed across the organization into areas
that don’t even realize they are marketing functions – like pricing, new product development, distribution, customer experience, and – well you get the picture.
No wonder some feel marketing is not delivering.
Not only is marketing often decentralized it is also fragmented, misaligned and fractured.
How you structure your marketing depends on if you see it as a cost or an investment.
A function of business or a growth engine. It’s really up to you.