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CX is more than marketing

For marketers responsible for building their organisation’s brands customer experience or CX is an important consideration. But customer experience is often delivered outside of most marketers remit. Find out how marketing can help make CX build brand value here in a Golden Minute.


Customer Experience or CX is a hot topic and it should be.
Customers form powerful impressions of your brand through their experience.
And you hope they share that experience with friends, family and colleagues.
But if marketing is responsible for the brand how do they manage the customer experience when all they do is the advertising?
CX is an all-of-business responsibility but who is best placed to co-ordinate this across the organisation?
Marketing needs to collaborate with all areas of the business to design and deliver exceptional customer experience for the brand.
So where do you start with CX?
Start working out the stakeholders marketing needs to collaborate with and start engaging.
It that’s too hard, then engage with us.