Data don’t have all the answers.

There is a lot of data available and a lot of talk about the importance of data, but in actual fact data alone will not give you all of the answers you need. Sure, it can tell you when, how often, by whom and how. But almost never can it tell you why. For that you need to ask the right questions. Find out why in a Golden Minute.


Dartar. Data. No matter how you say it.
Big Data. Small Data. First party. Second party. Third party data.
The world is awash with data.
But data, especially customer data, has some limitations.
Sure it can tell you what your customers do and how often they do it.
Data can tell you how much and when they do it.
But data can never tell you why they do it.
For that you need Research. Customer Research tell you why.
So if you want the big picture on your customers and therefore your business we recommend putting data and research together.