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Do impressions leave an impression on the bottom line?

Do you want the media you pay for or the media that delivers results? Many marketers are focused on the lowest media cost possible, or the CPM. But what about the impact of your media investment on delivering the business growth? If your media results are underwhelming find out why here in a Golden Minute.


Media is all about leaving an impression.
The media investment is about making an impression on the audience.
So perhaps it is not surprising media is measured by impressions.
Cost per thousand, the enduring media measure, is the cost per thousand impressions.
So much time and effort goes into reducing the cost per thousand.
Reducing the price of the media.
When in fact the effort should be going into the effectiveness of the impression.
Rather than the cost of the media impression it should be the impression the media investment is having on the bottom line.
So what impression is your media having?
It really all depends on how you are measuring impressions.