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Do you need a team of teams?

In trying to become more agile many companies wish they had a team of agile marketing champions. But what you really need is not a champion team but a team of teams. Agile teams that can collaborate in teams to deliver the results needed. Find out here how your team of teams can give you the marketing agility you need in a Golden Minute.


Noticed how everyone wants to be more agile?
Agile organisations?
Agile marketing?
Agile team?
Because the lesson is the silo is not adaptable enough for the complex world of today.
Rather than silos and production lines of the factory past we need agile teams.
In fact General Stanley McChrystal (US General Retired) calls it a ‘Team of Teams’.
Specialist teams working together collaborating to achieve a shared and common goal.
Sounds like something you may need.
Doesn’t it?