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How do you fund your MarTech?

Many tech companies were optimistically predicting that the CMO would become a bigger investor in technology that the CIO or CTO. But to fund this investment will often mean stepping beyond the operational budget and building a business case for Capital investment. Find out how in a Golden minute here.


Looking for a marketing technology platform to make your marketing more effective and more efficient?
Perhaps a CRM, or a DMP? A CMP, or a DAM?
No matter what the technology platform you need the funding to pay for it.
Even SAAS solutions cost money. And rather then funding out of OpEx you should be looking to tap into your company CapEx.
After all, who has the budget to pay for this?
But to unlock CapEx you need a great business case.
One that doesn’t just list the benefits from the MarTech sales brochure.
But one that builds a compelling financial case for the investment including break even and return on investment performance plus.
Want some help? Just ask.