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How many marketers are too many?

Marketing is evolving. Marketing strategies are transforming. So do you have the right number and type and mix of marketers to successfully deliver your marketing and business objectives? The right answer can make all the difference. Find out how TrinityP3 and ADMA IQ can help you in a Golden Minute.


How many marketers in your marketing department?
And are they marketers?
Or perhaps marketing communications? Or “Comms”?
How many marketers do you have?
And how many marketers do you need?
And more importantly what capabilities must they have?
Because if you want your marketing to contribute or drive business value.
You need the right type of marketers, with the right mix of capabilities, working in the right parts of your business, to deliver the results you need, to justify having marketing in the first place.
So do you know the answer?
TrinityP3 along with ADMA IQ can give you the answer.
Just ask.