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How should I pay my agency?

There are many ways to pay your agency fees. Hourly rates, retainers, project fees, commissions and more. But what is the right way to pay each of your agencies? Well it depends. You see not one model suits all. But you can find out the right one in a Golden Minute with the agency fee decision tree.


How do you pay your agency fees?
Or more importantly how do you calculate your agency fees?
We work with hundreds of advertisers and their agencies and have identified at least ten different fee models.
And that doesn’t include the infinite number of hybrid models that exist.
Some are more common like top down or bottom up retained resource plans,
Commission and Service Fees and Disclosed and Non-Disclosed Media Agreements
Other are less common such as value-based models, fixed and estimated project fees and performance based fees.
But which one is right for you and your agency?
Well our agency fee decision tree can answer that for you.
Five simple questions about what you need from your agency and you have the fee that is just right for you.