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How’s your transformation going?

The only certainty is change. But too often organisational transformation is seen as simply changing the structure and the process. But sustainable transformation is about aligning objectives to strategy and strategy to structure and structure to process and all aligned to the culture. Find out more here in a Golden Minute.


How’s your ‘organisational transformation’ going?
Is it a digital transformation?
Or a technology transformation?
Perhaps a customer centric transformation?
No matter what type of transformation the fact is the majority fail.
Because most focus on the obvious.
Transforming the way you do business is simply transforming process. Right?
And technology is the fast way to change the way you do things.
But the fact is process simply supports structure.
And structure follows strategy.
But culture eats strategy for breakfast.
The point is there is no point changing process until you have the structure that supports your new strategy and your strategy is built on your organisational culture.
So ready to transform?