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If it’s complex, think Cynefin

It is a self-evident truth that the world feels more complex. But the answer to this complexity is not more complexity, but simply accepting the complex and operating in a way that makes it simpler to understand. That’s the Cynefin framework and it makes the complex simpler. Find out how in a Golden Minute.


Wish life was simpler?
That work was less complicated?
But the fact is life, business and marketing are complex.
Complexity means while we can see emerging trends we cannot accurately predict the future.
Complexity means we need to test and learn rather than plan and execute.
Simple is complicated.
The complicated complex.
These are the domains of the Cynefin framework
A way to make sense of the complex market complex audiences and a complex world
And marketing is simply part of an increasingly complex world.
We can help you navigate the Cynefin framework.
Just ask us how.