Inputs, outputs or outcomes?

For an industry that should focus on growth there is a lot of focus on cost. Because while growth is an outcome that is delivered by outputs of marketing activity, focus is often misdirected to the cost of resources, the inputs, rather than the results and performance, the outcomes. Find out how changing your focus from inputs to outputs and outcomes can improve your marketing performance here in a Golden Minute.


When thinking about advertising costs it seems that everyone has the wrong focus.
Agencies are focused on inputs.
Marketers are focused on outputs. But also, a bit on inputs.
Procurement, like agencies are looking at inputs.
But who is looking at outcomes?
You see most agencies charge for the cost of their people – that is an input.
Procurement also look at the cost of agency inputs because it is too much.
Meanwhile marketers are interested in what the agency will output – produce.
The outputs to deliver their marketing plan.
In fact the agency creatives agree. They are focused on the outputs to enter into award shows.
But who is focused on the outcomes?
Well we are. If you are too then let’s talk.