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Is your in-house agency really an agency?

If you believe the trade media almost every advertiser in the world now has an in-house agency. So does this mean all of the agencies in the world are about to go out of business? No. Because what is often called an in-house agency is not really and agency. Find out why in a Golden Minute.


Got an in-house agency?
Have you? Have you really?
Reading the trade media every one seems to have one. But do they?
Yes, many now have a studio. Design, artwork, web pages etc.
Then perhaps photography and video production.
But is it an agency? But is it though?
Is it providing strategic solutions and creative concepts?
Or is it just a production facility? A production hub?
Calling this an agency is insulting agencies.
Lets get it straight. In-house media buying, in-house design, in-house production, and yes even in-house agency.
Whatever it is you need we will help you get it right.