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It’s not who’s to blame for media, it’s who can fix it

Yes, the media supply chain is murky, and measurement is unpredictable and organized crime is making billions with ad fraud. So why are many in the industry pointing the finger at everyone else rather than getting on with fixing the problem? Find out who is really responsible here in a Golden Minute.


Everyone is talking about media transparency – Rebates. Veiwability. Flawed metrics and Ad fraud.
Plus, there has been a lot of finger pointing too:
At media agencies and their holding companies
At the digital publishers and ad exchanges
At the Ad tech firms and their VC investors
But the focus should not be whose fault it is because in many ways it is everyone’s.
It’s more important to decide who is going to fix it.
The advertisers can set their expectations and their supply chain contracts
The media agencies and holding companies can put pressure on the Ad tech companies and publishers on consistent and meaningful metrics.
And everyone involved needs to bring political pressure for governments globally
to investigate and prosecute the criminals stealing billions of dollars a year through online fraud.
So, are you playing your part?