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Faster, Better, Cheaper – the Manufactured Marketing curse

As marketing communications requires a great volume of output the process is becoming more like manufacturing in nature. But the question is who is taking responsibility for quality control in marketing manufacturing? Find out how to improve your marketing manufacturing process in a Golden Minute here:


While the motto of the modern Olympics is Citius, Altius, Fortius
Faster, Higher, Stronger
The motto for modern marketing could easily be Citius, Melior, Vilis
Faster, Better, Cheaper
Ironically, it’s also the motto of modern manufacturing.
To paraphrase Edwards Deming, the father of Total Quality Management, because “There is no point making it cheaper if it is not better”.
In advertising they have a similar saying “there is quality, cost or time – you can have any two”.
So, in a marketing world where cost and time are constantly under pressure where does that leave quality?
And I do not mean winning award type of quality I mean changing customer behaviour, grow market share, drive sales and profit type of quality.
The quality that ultimately is why we market.
If marketing is a manufacturing process, then who is responsible for ensuring the quality is improved, when everyone else is focusing on how to make it faster and cheaper?
Is it you? Or you? Or you?