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Important questions before taking media in-house

In the face of ad fraud, brand safety and viewability issues, many marketers are considering taking some or all of their media in-house. Are you? Technology and media innovation are making this more feasible. But it is right for you? Find out here in a Golden Minute.


With all these questions over media kick-back, media buying rebates and programmatic transparency more advertisers are considering taking their media in-house.
But should you bring their media in-house or should you not?
And do you bring it all in-house or not?
Do you have the scale and requirement to justify it?
Perhaps you should just bring in strategy and planning or the programmatic? Or the whole lot?
What will it take to bring your media in-house?
Technology? People? What resources will you need?
And will the cost and time it takes be worth the reward?
Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying don’t consider it.
Just make sure you have all the questions you need to ask
Before taking your media in-house is the right answer.
We have the questions if you’re ready for the answers.