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Overcoming our obsession with media costs

“Price is what you pay, and value is what you get” said Warren Buffet and he should know. But what is the industry obsession with cheap media prices only to then complain about the quality? Paying the lowest possible price for media is not giving you great media value. Find out why in a Golden Minute here.


Media is a pretty big investment you don’t want to overpay.
That’s why advertisers want their media agency to guarantee lower cost per thousands.
But buying on cost suggests that media is a commodity.
When in fact media is anything but a commodity.
There is high quality inventory.
Then there is the media you buy at the lowest possible cost.
Imagine you buy media at $20 per impression.
And they guarantee a real person will see it.
Or you can buy media at just $2 an impression?
Yet half those ads will not be seen by a real person while the other half may end up on a porn site or… So, which one is the best value?
$20 an impression or $2 of worry?
Let’s just say one is definitely a good price while the other is at least ten times the value.