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Owned, earned and shared, or paid

While for advertising the focus is paid media. For marketers this focus also includes not just paid media, but also owned media, earned media and shared media. So are you managing your owned, earned and shared media to deliver value better than your paid media? Find out why it is important here in a Golden Minute.


When you talk about media you think Paid. Try it.
You’re thinking paid. Right?
Out of the four categories of media Paid gets all of the attention (and all the money)
But what about the others?
Your owned media is important. After all you own it – your media real estate.
Then there is the media you earn. Doing all of those things that earn you exposure.
And don’t forget the media shared. Yes, social media. But not the paid social media.
The social media where people share your media.
But because for most advertisers most of the money goes into Paid Media.
But don’t forget your total media investment, not just paid, but owned, earned and shared.
We can help make sure it all counts.