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Mike Morgan

SEO, Social and Content Senior Consultant

Mike Morgan has been working with Darren Woolley and the TrinityP3 gang on an integrated SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media strategy since the beginning of 2011. The results of this collaboration are well documented on the TrinityP3 blog on which Mike is a regular contributor.

Mike also offers content and social media advice and training to the TrinityP3 team and keeps the entire content machine moving forward as Content Director.

Mike is a great believer in the 4 tiered approach – technical compliance, SEO, Content strategy and social media amplification – and this is what he preaches to his clients and to the online world.

Mike works with a large range of clients including Government, ecommerce, web development, non-profit, business consulting, FMCG, marketing and advertising, technology and communications, and works on personal branding and thought leadership projects.

The many and varied requirements of search engines, social media platforms and the complexities of digital marketing provide many challenges for businesses and organisations. Mike enjoys breaking down the barriers and communicating in plain language the opportunities that exist with the new connected world.

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