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Selling solutions or implementation?

Show me where your money is spent and I’ll tell you your priorities. The fact is most marketers pay their agencies more to implement their ideas and make ads than they do to solve their problems. So does that mean implementation is more valuable than the solutions? If all you are getting are ads from your agency and not solutions then find out how to change it here in a Golden Minute.


There is a saying: If all you have is a hammer then every problem is a nail.
But is your agency only bringing their hammer to every problem?
Agencies often get paid more for project management and production than they get for strategy and creativity.
Yet with the complexity marketers face what they really need are solutions.
But if you are not paying your agency for solving your problems, then what are you paying them for?
Do you pay your agency for providing solutions?
Or coming up with ideas?
Or making ads?
Because what you only get what you pay for
Unless you have chosen an agency that only owns a hammer.
Have you?