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The important role of Industry bodies

The media advertising industry is complex and diverse in channels and stakeholders. No more so than when it comes to the industry bodies who collectively oversee and contribute to the industry. But who are these industry bodies, who do they represents, what are their roles, and how well do you add value to the industry and their members? Find out more on the organisations in the media advertising industry here in Media Minutes.


DARREN: Welcome to Media Minutes. I am Darren Woolley
STEPHEN: And I am Stephen Wright
DARREN: In the next few minutes we will share with you our view on the multitude of industry bodies focusing on media. Stephen, who do you see as the main industry bodies globally?
STEPHEN: Certainly Darren, from our perspective, all of the main industry bodies work hard for the good of their members and the industry. In the USA this this the Association of National Advertisers.
STEPHEN: Correct, Darren. While in the UK we have the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.
STEPHEN: Yes, Darren. And globally we have the World Federation of Advertisers.
DARREN: The WFA. But what about closer to home.
STEPHEN: Well here in Australia we have the AANA, or the Australian Association of National Advertisers.
DARREN: Right, so these are all the Associations representing advertisers…
STEPHEN: And Darren, they are all affiliated with each other through their associations with the WFA.
DARREN: Okay. So who is looking after the advertising agencies then?
STEPHEN: Well that depends on the market. Darren. But in Australia we have the Media Federation of Australia or MFA and we now have the Independent Media Agency Association known as the IM double A.
DARREN: Well, that should do it then.
STEPHEN: Almost Darren. In each of these markets you’ll also find other advertising associations, trade bodies, clubs and the like. In Australia we have the ACA, the Advertising Council of Australia, ADMA, the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising, the IAB, the Interactive Advertising Board, then we have all of the media types and their associations such as Think TV, Outdoor Media Association, Commercial Radio Australia…
DARREN: Okay, Stephen, I am getting the picture. There are a lot of industry associations, especially for the media advertising industry.
STEPHEN: But to be honest the main players are the AANA and the MFA. These two represent the major advertisers and their media agencies in the Australian market.
DARREN: That must have been a bit strained during the last decade, what with all of the issues around media transparency and the digital supply chain?
STEPHEN: Perhaps in the early days. But they have worked surprisingly collaboratively in addressing many of the issues facing the industry including developing contract templates and recommendations and guidelines on pitching.
DARREN: Well that sounds promising. But how are they going with cleaning up the digital supply chain?
STEPHEN: That is a work in progress, Darren. In fact, all of the Associations are working on this issue, but particularly the ANA in the USA who is commissioning a detailed independent investigation into this issue.
DARREN: Well, Stephen, when you consider all the associations and groups here in Australia focusing on media, you would think these issues would have been dealt with by now?
STEPHEN: Darren, media is a 16-billion-dollar business in the Australian market and more than a trillion dollars globally. It is a phenomenally large category with plenty of players, all with their own agendas and issues. It is not that surprising that progress may be slower then you may expect.
DARREN: Thank you, Stephen. And for regular updates on their progress, make sure you subscribe to Media Minutes. A weekly snack on all things media. Until then. I’m Darren Woolley, and he’s
STEPHEN: Stephen Wright
TOGETHER: And this is Media Minutes.