White Papers

Over the course of the last five years, as part of our role as an independent adviser on marketing management, TrinityP3 has contributed to the cause with numerous articles, podcastswebinars, newsletters and blog posts.

But the purpose of our TrinityP3 White Paper is to bring together, under one ‘roof’, a selection of work dealing with specific topical issues facing marketing, media, advertising and marketing procurement.

We hope you find these White Papers useful, and we welcome any feedback.

Media Agency Relationship Management
We’re all in the communications industry, right? Communication of some form, at least – creating it, planning it, buying it, commenting on it or monitoring it. So how come we’re often so bad at communicating with each other, across the agency–client garden fence?

Too often, agency staffers do not pay enough respect to the intuition of the client, or, even worse, they phrase an innocent comment in a way that is highly likely to be misinterpreted.

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Bridging the Great Divides that Limit Marketing Performance
bridging150x150You’ve no doubt heard marketers say, ‘It’s time to break down silos. It’s time to collaborate. It’s time to be consumer-centric’. Progressive leaders have not only identified this, they have taken action and are starting to transform their businesses.

As a business and marketing leader, we understand some of the challenges and opportunities in uniting teams. Here, we look at how the ‘great divides’ are being broken down within leading organisations to overcome duplication of time and effort, speed up go-to-market activity, and ultimately help improve marketing performance.

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The Media Rebate and Transparency Crisis
The recent K2 report on media transparency and rebates commissioned by the US-based ANA (Association of National Advertisers) has articulated what we have observed in APAC and especially Australia for the past four years or more.

It has literally been like watching a train wreck in slow-motion. My recent claims of conflict within the AANA (Australian Association of National Advertisers) are driven by frustration over the continued lack of action on this matter, considering we have seen it coming since 2012. But in fact, it all started before then with the GFC.

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Performance_measuresImproving the Search and Selection Process
Improving the search and selection process to get the right agency. Studies in recent years have discussed the factors that drive clients to terminate their relationship with their advertising or communications agency.

These factors often form the determinants when clients are searching for and selecting a new agency.

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