Why you will always pay less for crap

There was a time when media was a relatively limited resource and even then, there was great inventory and crappy inventory. But today digital provides virtually unlimited inventory but predictably most of this is at the crappy end of the value equation. So, find out how to avoid this tsunami of crap media here in a Golden Minute.


There was a time when media was a limited resource
Only so many minutes of TV or radio ads per hour
Only so many pages in the magazine or newspaper
And there are significant costs associated with creating those media opportunities
And they offered high quality and low-quality media inventory.
The high quality came at high cost and low quality came at lower cost.
Along comes digital media, with a seemingly unlimited supply of inventory.
Especially low-cost crappy inventory.
So, what does that mean?
Today if you want to pay the lowest possible media cost then there is now a tsunami of crap available for you to buy.
The skill is knowing what to buy to get the result.
But that next to impossible if price is your only metric of success.