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Working out the working to non-working ratio

Reducing non-working spend sounds like a good idea, right? But the problem is it is language from 20 years ago that has almost no relevance in a digital world. In fact, it is downright misleading today and should be scrapped. Find out why here in a Golden Minute.


I got a call from a client wanting to reduce their non-working spend.
What’s not working? I enquired.
The cost of producing the ads, the content.
So, what is working then? I asked. Media and media cost.
So, media is working and the content on that media is non-working.
Well I said, you could reduce your non-working to zero?
They were very excited.
Until I explained that there would be nothing to run in the media.
30 seconds of nothing on television
30 seconds of silence on radio
No digital ads to serve and of course no non-working cost.
Would that work for you?
I’m not sure working and non-working really works anymore. Do you?