How TrinityP3 customises the pitch process for clients in a hurry – Three Speedy Case Studies

Pitch process

Pitching can be a lengthy, expensive process but sometimes it’s a necessity and doing it right is critical to making sure you don’t have to do it again for a long time. With the benefit of time, comes greater opportunity to get to know agencies better; accommodate existing schedules; and create more stages within the process to gain insight into the different agency disciplines including strategy, creative and account management.

How TrinityP3 helps advertisers find the perfect PR partners – Four case studies

PR Partners for advertising

While traditionally public relations was a part of the marketing communications mix, it was often confined to the role of media relations and engaged to amplify the paid media campaign with additional media coverage garnered through press releases and media stunts. But taking the cue from corporate strategy where public relations plays a more strategic role in reputation management, marketers are increasingly looking for Public Relations agencies who can work with their existing communications partners in developing and executing comms strategies.