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About the Marketing Mentors Program

Benefits for Mentees

There are many personal and professional benefits from having a Marketing Mentor. Just a few that our community have reported are:

  • Inspire professional and personal development through one-to-one shared learning
  • Learn what you need from someone you trust. Gain insights and perspectives new challenges and opportunities
  • Improve skills such as decision making, effective communication and industry expertise for career growth
  • Create new networks and partnerships, and learn from the journeys and wisdom of others
  • Inspire other mentees through the skill and successes obtained from your relationship

Become A Mentee

Benefits for Mentors

There are many personal and professional benefits from being a Marketing Mentor. Just a few that our community have reported are:

  • Share your professional experiences to inspire growth in people you care about
  • Develop and share your insights, while remaining open to new learnings from your mentee
  • Challenge yourself by investing in your mentee’s professional success
  • Build new and meaningful network and relationships
  • Give back, inspire and be inspired

Become A Mentor

Pre requisites

This mentoring program is available to members of the marketing community living in Australia and New Zealand. To be a member of this community you must be working in marketing, advertising, media, AdTech or MarTech, human-centric design, graphic and corporate design, marketing procurement, media sales, and any one of the vast numbers of other marketing services. Basically, if you believe you work in marketing, media or advertising, in Australia or New Zealand, you are eligible to join.

What is the commitment?

To be a mentor, you must commit to wanting to make time for someone looking to discuss challenges and needs and provide advice from your own experience and knowledge. This is not coaching, it is mentoring. And it can be as little as 30 minutes a week per mentee, up to whatever you are willing and able to give.

To be a mentee, you must commit to wanting to actively participate in mentoring to achieve a particular and specific outcome. It means committing to a high and professional standard in your dealing with the mentor or mentors you choose. And of course, as a mentee there is a small fee to belong to the community.

What does it cost?

As a mentor, it costs your time and willingness to mentor someone in the marketing community. Want to be a mentor? Find out more here.

As a mentee, there is a membership fee of less than a dollar a day. You can pay either monthly or annually too. Want to find a mentor? Find out more here.

How do I enrol?

To enrol as a Marketing Mentor, click on the button below and complete the details and you will receive a welcome email with a link to set up your profile on the Marketing Mentor platform.

To enrol to find a Marketing Mentor, click on the button below and choose your membership fee and how you would like to pay your membership fee (either monthly or annually). Then complete the details and pay your fee. You will receive a welcome email with a link to set up your profile on the Marketing Mentor platform.


How long does the mentoring program take? What is the time commitment? How do you select the right mentor? How does the MentorCloud work? Can you be a mentor and a mentee? How many mentors can you have?

All the answers to these questions and more can be found here.

Discover some of our mentors

Anne Miles

Anne Miles
Managing Director
Suits & Sneakers


James Dixon
Co-Founder & CDO
Atomic 212°


Ed Howley
Creative Partner
By All Means


Paul Gardner
Business and communications consultant/ green fields entrepreneur/ business podcaster

See all of our registered Marketing Mentors here.

What mentees and mentors have to say about the program

Alicia Beachley – CEO, April5 Agency – Mentor

“I don’t think it matters what stage your business is at, a good mentor can support you and your business in so many different ways. The Trinity P3 Mentoring Platform gives marketers, agencies and everyone in between the opportunity to choose their mentors from some of the most experienced professionals who are giving back to the industry You can set the rules of engagement to suit you and your mentor and pick and choose one or more mentors to suit your needs. This platform gives you so much flexibility and makes the experience truly worthwhile.”

Alicia Beachley

Michael Skarbek – Creative Consultant – Mentee

“Before this, I’d associated mentor programs with people at the start of their careers. As it turned out, most of us were actually quite senior. For someone like me, who’d recently started a business, it gave me invaluable information that helped me solidify my positioning, pricing, business model and gave me countless nuggets of wisdom. I find myself referring back to what I’ve learnt almost daily. Highly recommended, no matter what stage of career you’re at.”

Lindsay Rogers – Agency Managing Director – Mentee

“I have been meeting with my mentor each fortnight for three months now after we connected via the Trinity P3 industry mentorship platform. She mentioned she has a particular passion for ambitious women in the media and marketing industry who are shifting life stages into motherhood which spoke to my situation. I was instantly drawn to her candour, experience shares and naturally empowering personality.”


Matt Newell – Agency Owner – Mentee

“My mentoring experience was invaluable. It was a chance to elevate out of the daily grind and share thinking that will ultimately redefine our business. It’s a chance to focus on what’s important, rather than what’s just urgent. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Sophie Wood – Marketer – Mentee

“Before I engaged in the mentoring experience, I was feeling a little lost in my career direction. From day one, my mentor was extremely personable, helpful and really did put me on the right track. We caught up every two weeks and his advice and support was invaluable. From telling me to be open-minded to any opportunities, to actually putting me in contact with agency owners, he has made me feel extremely motivated and driven. A fantastic experience which I really do feel has changed my current circumstances considerably. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”


Molly Patton – Founder/Creative in Chief – Mentee

“The TrinityP3 mentor program has been a great experience. The ability to curate my mentoring experience to suit my schedule, workload and needs as a mentee makes it one of the easiest programs to commit to and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for guidance in the marketing industry.”

Read more of the feedback and testimonials here.

Marketing Mentor Highlights

  1. Join a community of professionals working in Marketing, Media and Advertising in Australia and New Zealand
  2. Choose the mentors and the mentees you want to work with from the community
  3. Share your knowledges, grow your network, build your profile and develop your skills within a community of likeminded marketing professionals

Ready to start your marketing mentoring program?

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