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Cam Carter

Cam Carter

Founding Partner at Navigare Pty Ltd.
Specialising in Marketer & Agency Peak Performance.


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Cam Carter

About Cam

I have been in the business of advertising, marketing, and consulting for decades.
I live in Melbourne, but before C-19 took up residence, I would generally split my work time between Sydney and Melbourne almost every week.
I normally travel overseas at least twice a year for meetings with consultant colleagues and agencies to ensure I am up to date with their beliefs and behaviour.

At the risk of sounding trite, I love what I do, and do what I love.
Which is why I still do what I do as I am not done yet.

Beyond helping our clients, be they marketers or agencies, my business partner and I are committed to helping individuals as both of us have been mentored by some very special people over the course of our careers; and we are keen to pass it on.

I am already a mentor for some special people.
Some are regulars with once a month catchups and more often if called for; some are less frequent – and that is their call.

Who do I think I am best for? Companies and individuals who want to excel, make a mark, make a difference.
Who do I think I am best with? People who are honest, open-minded, keen to learn, fair-minded.
What do I think I am best at? Listening, sharing, supporting, encouraging.

Someone asked me recently if I was a ‘somebody’.
Somebody who’s known; somebody to know.

I said that in this case I was happy to be a nobody.
So if you are inclined to think that nobody understands; nobody helps; nobody cares – then I might just be somebody worth having a chat with.