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Becoming a Mentor

To be a mentor, you must be willing to make time for your mentee or mentees.

How much time?

That is up to you. Typically, it could be an hour once a month or 30 minutes each week per mentee. It is really up to you and your availability. You can agree this with each mentee before you agree to mentor them.

How many mentees?

Also, up to you. At least one and we limit the number to three.

How long is the mentoring commitment?

Some mentees may want a single meeting. Others may want to regularly meet with you for years. But it is up to you. Usually mentor relationships will commence with a specific duration in mind and you can review this as it develops.

How do we meet?

Mentor meetings can happen by phone, face-to-face or video conferencing. In fact there is a video conferencing application built into the platform at no cost to you.

So why be a mentor?

The top responses from program participants for being a mentor were

  • Personal growth and development
  • Grow and develop others
  • Connect with others
  • Expand my professional network
  • Enhance industry relationships

Likewise, there is no cost to be a mentor, except your time. And while the role of a mentor is an unpaid role (as opposed to an Executive Coach) it is nevertheless a truly rewarding one.

Want to be a mentor?