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Here is what people are saying about the Marketing Mentor program:

“The concept of giving back and renewing the talent coming through the industry by sharing experience, knowledge and friendship is truly valuable. It’s great for the participants and for the industry as a whole”.

“It is a good scheme, very helpful to both mentors and mentees”.

“Absolutely fantastic experience that has put me on the right path”.

“I found this programme very helpful and it connected me with my mentor very well”.

“Overall, it was very rewarding and kept me on my toes”.

“It was actually much better than I had experienced previously. A great mentor and really engaged mentees”.

“It’s a positive experience on many levels and the benefits are hard to articulate without actually doing it.”

“I am getting a lot of value from the relationship with my mentor. I also highly value the opportunity to be part of a community that is passionate about learning and connecting to be their best selves and to contribute”.

“The platform is well thought out and is setting out to do what it has set out to achieve”.

“I’ve already recommended it to a few people in advertising. I think it’s great that senior people can still have an opportunity to be mentored”.

Read more of the testimonials from our mentees and mentors below.

Read What Our Mentees Say

“Before this, I’d associated mentor programs with people at the start of their careers. As it turned out, most of us were actually quite senior. For someone like me, who’d recently started a business, it gave me invaluable information that helped my solidify my positioning, pricing, business model and gave me countless nuggets of wisdom. I find myself referring back to what I’ve learnt almost daily. Highly recommended, no matter what stage of career you’re at.”

Michael – Creative Consultant – Mentee

“I have been meeting with my mentor each fortnight for three months now after we connected via the Trinity P3 industry pilot mentorship platform. She mentioned she has a particular passion for ambitious women in the media and marketing industry who are shifting life stages into motherhood which spoke to my situation. I was instantly drawn to her candour, experience shares and naturally empowering personality.”

“Having not met in person due to interstate locations and COVID-19, we have built a great mentor/mentee relationship via extensive video calls. Not putting it lightly, this has been a life-changing connection for me; Her experience growing a sizeable global digital agency while nurturing a family is something I aspire to achieve. She is happy to share her learnings, successes, and failures in a confidential environment. I have found her to be open and honest and asks the hard questions when the situation calls for it.”

Lindsay – Agency Owner – Mentee

“My mentoring experience was invaluable. It was a chance to elevate out of the daily grind and share thinking that will ultimately redefine our business. It’s a chance to focus on what’s important, rather than what’s just urgent. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Matt – Agency Owner – Mentee

“Before I engaged in the mentoring experience, I was feeling a little lost in my career direction. From day one, my mentor was extremely personable, helpful and really did put me on the right track. We caught up every two weeks and his advice and support was invaluable. From telling me to be open-minded to any opportunities, to actually putting me in contact with agency owners, he has made me feel extremely motivated and driven. A fantastic experience which I really do feel has changed my current circumstances considerably. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Sophie – Marketer – Mentee

“As someone who’s spent a career in creative departments, I wasn’t always exposed to the commercial side of running an agency, which isn’t ideal when you go out on your own. Having access to a mentor gave me invaluable information on running my business, with everything from positioning, winning new business, pricing… anything I needed to ask about. Highly recommended.”

Michael – Creative Director – Mentee

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Read What Our Mentors Say

“I met my mentee a few years ago, but not in person. I saw his name upon various marketing awards competitions in which I was a judge. I was impressed with the entries; they were thorough, well-articulated and convincing. When the Mentor programme launched I looked for him. And as it turns out he was looking for me. Our sessions were amiable and casual. They revolved around real, and relevant issues he was dealing; job changes, business instabilities and professional advancement. Our discussions were valuable for me, and I believe for him as well.”

Joe – Marketer & Creative Consultant – Mentor

“I had two mentees.  One of them has been a really nice catch-up conversation every 2-3 weeks with some mutual support and empathy. I’ve enjoyed the conversations and have no desire to end the relationship.

The second mentee relationship has been more about coaching a small agency owner on how to present their business to potential clients and how revenue and profit can be increased. Again, I found the conversations enjoyable and interesting”.

Max – Marketer – Mentor

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