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Ilona Evans

Senior Consultant

Ilona is passionate about ensuring digital marketing drives business outcomes and simplifying the process to achieve this.

Over the past 17+ years Ilona has worked in both client and agency side digital roles with companies such as Joy, Toyota, Lexus and Westfield. During this time Ilona has continued to see that no matter what client, what size budget and what campaign, so much keeps coming back to getting the basics right:

  • Setting clear business objectives
  • Demystifying digital/pulling back the gloss
  • Having clear client and agency roles and responsibilities (both between and within organisations)

Ilona started her marketing career with Toyota Australia before moving to the UK where she worked client side for companies such as Westfield and South West Trains. Returning to Australia in 2008 she moved agency side, most recently working as Head of Digital for Joy.

Her experience ranges from building & integrating internal digital capability, to fostering digital integration between clients and agencies to developing and implementing digital media strategies.

Ilona is passionate about helping clients navigate the digital landscape and will work with you to provide the tools and confidence to use digital to its best advantage.

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