Anne Fenn

Business Director

Anne joins us with a well-rounded background, having gained equal measures of experience both on the client and agency sides. Her early exposure to innovative direct marketing and CRM practices in India, at a time when most agencies were still adhering to traditional ATL and BTL categorizations, instilled in her a deep appreciation for marketing strategies that deliver measurable outcomes. Subsequently, Anne honed her expertise as a central resource, promoting the CRM practice, for the agency ‘Wunderman’, which she then carried over to Dubai. Anne worked with Etihad, for over a decade managing the brand and marketing communications for the airline. In this capacity, Anne gained rich experience in agency management, overseeing a roster of agencies spanning multiple disciplines. She was instrumental in streamlining processes from running RFPs, negotiating contracts, and designing client-agency workflows to conducting agency evaluations and audits, resulting in significant efficiencies and savings for the marketing budget. Building on this experience, Anne established her own agency, ‘Math & Magic’, providing results-driven marketing solutions. With a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of marketing, from creative development to media and distribution, Anne is also a trained brand strategist. Anne’s depth and breadth of experience on both sides of the agency-client relationship have given her unique insights into the pains and potential gains on both sides.

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