Challenges facing marketers in managing their agency relationships

This is a modern marketing fairytale I presented on August 19 2010 at the AANA Hothouse on Agency / Client Relationships held at Cockle Bay, Sydney, NSW. (Photos of the day)

It tells of the challenges marketers face in managing agency relationships in the increasingly complex world of marketing and became the basis for the conversation on agency / client relationships on the day.

Sally Webster, Lecturer Advertising – Marketing Communications, Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra asked for a copy to present to her students to great effect.

Seems everyone likes a fairytale.

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2 Responses to Challenges facing marketers in managing their agency relationships

  1. Cathie says:

    I love this presentation, but I think this is not as insurmountable a problem as you're suggesting – those seven dwarves are not of equal stature – for example, any digital agency worth its salt ought to have search capabilities, or at least be happy to lead search strategy – and it's often Fairy AdAgency that is the source of the breakdown in communication and lack of effectiveness…sometimes more the owner of a gingerbread house than a benevolent sprite.
    But great stuff Darren!

  2. I agree Cathie that it comes down to how well the agencies can work together, the point is that often the way the agencies are engaged is counter-collaborative. Check out the talk I gave at ISBA in London last Monday.
    Issues such as remuneration, bonuses, roles and responsibilities are all part of developing and maintaining a collaborative environment between agencies. It is certainly no insurmountable, but it does take time and resources that often marketers do not make provision for and then wonder why their agencies are not working together.

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