Agency Performance

We exist to help you drive best possible performance outputs. We can help you innovate to achieve this with these Agency Performance Services.

Agency Remuneration Modeling

Our Agency Remuneration Modelling service ensures that the way in which you pay your agency is optimal. Agency remuneration models have a direct bearing on agency performance. You want the best possible agency team, making the best possible decisions for your business. Read more

Agency Search

TrinityP3’s Agency Search process is the first step on the road to delivery of optimal agency relationships and performance. As the communications landscape continues to increase in complexity, so has the process of searching for the right partners to advise you, consult with you and deliver for you. Read more

Agency Search and Selection

TrinityP3’s comprehensive Search and Selection process provides extensive market knowledge, tightly defined process and detailed evaluation and assessment, to help you find the right agency supplier. To search, you have to know who you’re looking for, to select, you need to know what you’re getting. Read more

Contract Reviews

TrinityP3’s Contract Review service ensures that your agency supplier contract is structured in the appropriate way, is based on a mutually equitable remuneration model and is transparent in intent. Reaching a strong contractual solution can have linked efficiency benefits. Read more

Media Buying Benchmarking

As the media landscape and media agencies evolve, we believe Media Buying Benchmarking to be increasingly myopic, and therefore irrelevant, to a true understanding of agency performance and output. We believe that a more holistic assessment of media process, strategic input, executional strength, results measurement and transparency offers more understanding to you, the end user. Read more

Rate Card Review

What you pay your agency, or what agencies propose, is based on what the market will bear. So, it makes sense for you to periodically check the market. We statistically benchmark across the industry, so you don’t have to. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s comprehensive. Read more

Scope of Work Management

Our Scope of Work Management service evaluates your current agency scope of work and recommends the best approach, calibrated to your needs and benchmarked against the industry. Defining scope of work is an area that often leads to disagreement between the advertiser and agency. We can ensure that your agency scope of work is balanced, achievable, and delivers optimal value to your business. Read more

Strategic Supplier Alignment

Our Strategic Supplier Alignment service helps you to untangle your supplier roster, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and develop an optimal structure to improve your performance. If you want to maximise marketing performance, your supplier roster needs to be built as cleanly as possible, around consistent and tailored lines, and focused on clear strategic objectives. Read more

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