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About Erik Ingvoldstad

Erik Ingvoldstad, is a veteran in digital media, creativity and strategic development. He runs Acoustic, an independent Digital Transformation and Innovation Consultancy in Singapore. You can learn more about Acoustic at, or at

The problem with digital transformation

Digital Transformation is on everyone’s lips these days, from cool new start-ups, to the mastodons of the corporate world. The business models of yesterday are changing, and disruption is happening in all industries, across all markets. The disruption is driven by new competitors, new ideas, new technology, new mind-sets and new cultural shifts that are making it more and more challenging for companies to stay connected with their customers and to just keep the business running as usual. ”Usual” doesn’t exist anymore. Almost every tech company, every consultancy firm and every digital agency talks the talk on Digital Transformation. But very few companies actually manage to walk the walk. So, what is the problem? Why is Digital Transformation taking so long? Continue reading

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