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About Peter Bray

Peter Bray is the Director, Business Development ANZ for Celtra and co-founder of Puzzle Creative Technology Solutions. He has been riding the ad-tech wave for the past 7 years and feels it is time for Marketing organisations to focus on delivering better and more relevant advertising experiences to their customers. Prior to Celtra, Peter spent time at Forrester, InMobi and was the President of the IAA Young Professionals Australia Chapter.

The Creative may be Digital, but the process is analog

Let’s be clear, no matter how good an ad format or placement is, no matter how accurate the media targeting is – an irrelevant ad, is still an irrelevant ad. As Marketers are now living in an omnichannel world with increasing internal and external ‘CXpectations’,  they are expected to do more with less. Digital continues to deliver shattered fragments of consumer touchpoints which has resulted in working and non-working dollars becoming blurred as technology intertwines context (media) and content (creative). Continue reading

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