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About Tristan Gray

Tristan is Managing Director at Studio 56 in Melbourne Australia. As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, he and his team now help business owners grow their business online through a large number of advertising channels. Tristan is great at thinking outside the box and helping his clients understand how to best get a return on their investment. He strongly believes in building good ethical networks with other like minded business owners.

The marketer’s guide to the many languages of social media

Success in social media marketing does not rely entirely on the quality of content or number of connections your business has. Though nailing the quality of content is paramount, social media marketers ought to embrace the need for designing specific content for each platform to meet the needs of the majority users of the platforms. This is mostly important when you consider the different kinds of people popular with different social media platforms. The majority of people found in Facebook are different from those on Twitter or Instagram. Same is true for their content preference. Your success in using these platforms will depend largely on mastering the kind of content to post in each platform to capture the attention of the specific users. Continue reading

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