Building Resilience During Difficult Times

Building Resilience During Difficult Times

Topic: Building Resilience During Difficult Times

Date: Wednesday April 15

Time: 12.00 – 13.00h AEST

Presenter: Kylee Stone & Darren Woolley

Description: In the face of so much uncertainty, how do we keep our businesses thriving while safeguarding our own and others well-being?

If there was ever a time for resilience, it’s now.

This one-hour, online workshop titled ‘Building Resilience During Difficult Times’ is with our resident expert on leadership resilience and wellbeing, Kylee Stone, where you will learn how to develop a resilient mindset and achieve well-being despite difficult times.

Simply put, the more resilient we are, the better we can handle the current situation and support those around us.

In this workshop she:

  • Explains the neuroscience of resilience why it’s so important
  • Highlights 6 practical strategies
  • Explores each strategy in relation to the pandemic
  • Gives practical techniques to build resilience

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