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Michael Farmer – From Madison Avenue Manslaughter to a much needed Makeover

Award winning author of Madison Avenue Manslaughter and TrinityP3’s USA Chairman, Michael Farmer is coming to Sydney and we have organised a time in his busy schedule to share with you his unique insights to the world of advertising and what lies ahead. 

With an MBA from Harvard Business School and was formerly a Director of Bain & Company, the strategy consulting firm, Michael provides a gripping analysis of advertising agencies and their deteriorating situation.

He will give his up-to-date views on the advertising business, which was once one of the most high-status, fulfilling and glamorous of industries and today has become a grim sweatshop for the people who do the work.

He will describe the key trends that have weakened agencies during recent years — and outlines the steps that senior agency executives need to take to restore health to their organizations.

* Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the TrinityP3 Top 50 Marketing Management Posts for 2017. Hot off the presses.

Date: Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM
Location:Doric Room, SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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Live Webcast
The Future of Marketing – where is it going and how will it impact you?

Naturally, marketers are always looking ahead and wondering about the next big thing – “What will it be? How will it look? Will we be ready for it?” Over the last few years we’ve been consumed by the rise of mobile, the influx of data and growing need to revaluate our strategies based on emerging technologies and the many hats that we all now wear.

So what does the future hold? And how can we ensure that us as marketers, our teams and our organisations are at the forefront?

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