Marketing independence is under attack but does anyone care?

Surprise, surprise. When you meet with a technology vendor, the conversation invariably leads to “needing” their solution. Even though you discuss alternative business opportunities that require solving prior to any technology implementation. Surprise, surprise. You appoint one of the big consultancy firms, such as Deloitte or PWC, and you start down a pipeline of creative and digital discussions that can all be magically solved now under their banner.

3 different types of pitch consultants and what you can expect from each

Since 2003 when we undertook our first pitch management project for an advertiser, we have been investing heavily in building our resources, both human and online. It is fair to say we were very much a Process Consultancy with a clear view of what would be required to add Rocket Science to our offering. It got me thinking about the journey we have come from in the area of agency roster selection and management. Here are my thoughts on what each type of consultant offers based on the current market.